Online Nutrition Coaching

What we put in and on our bodies can change our lives, especially if it's expertly crafted to help us accomplish wellness! Every person has unique nutritional needs, so we ONLY offer a personalized approach to our nutrition services.

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Fully Tailored Coaching service

Nutrition Coaching

  • Nutrition coaching with Hailey
  • Weekly emailed check-ins
  • Hydration protocol guidance
  • Cardio protocol guidance
  • Personalized supplement regimen
  • 10% off supplements from our full script 
$290 /Monthly
One-time Service

Nutrition Counseling

We also offer online nutrition consults for those seeking single, individual consultation sessions as needed. These one-time or occasional consults via Zoom allow you to discuss specific nutrition concerns and goals.

Session Pricing

$75 30 Minute

$135 60 Minute

Not sure what you need? Schedule a consultation!

30-60 Minute Consults

We’ll go over your unique situation, gather advice and/or decide if upgrading to a coaching relationship is the right move for you. If a plan is purchased, the cost of the consult will be discounted!

20 Minute Consult: FREE!

A Brief conversation to talk more about PhyQ’s offerings and which service is right for your goals.

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