The Philosophy Fueling PhyQ

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do.”

If you have been here awhile, you may have experienced nutrition coaching and workout programming under the brand name Royal Figures Nutrition and Training. Our team noticed the huge lack of educated, passionate nutrition AND training professionals. Life began to push our practitioners towards their own journeys in gut health, fertility, mobility, environmental toxins, managing inflammation, nervous system regulation and the less-than-understood cyclical nature of the human body.

PhyQ provides professional expertise in diet, exercise and accountability. Why? Because all systems are connected and nutrition is the kingpin.

About Our Rebrand

Under the brand name PhyQ Nutrition and Wellness, we aimed to encapsulate our focus on the holistic nature of the human body and its systems (Phy referring to Physiology). And, we are educated in this space (PhyQ as in “IQ”). Nutrition and intentional movement of the body are more than just a cog in the wheel for all-body wellness. They are the very foundation it lays on.

No longer solely focusing on athletes or aesthetics, we realized our resources were best used on anyone pursuing holistic wellness. When we focus on the functionality of the human body, aesthetics and performance inevitably follow. Not every client will require each of our services, but not a single person could expect their best results without their practitioners monitoring all relevant factors behind the scenes.

PhyQ Services

  • Evaluation of current nutrition and training, mobility, lifestyle, digestion, hormonal health, sleep and recovery and stress management in relation to your goals
  • Personalized nutrition coaching or nutrition counseling sessions in the form of meal plans or more generalized nutrition guidance
  • Personalized or subscription-based workout programming
  • Personalized supplementation protocols and member-only supplement discounts
  • Lab Work when necessary and blood marker evaluation
  • Cardio protocols
  • Hydration protocols
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach/trainer to track progress for accountability 
  • 24/7 access to your entire team for questions and support
Take a look at our packages to see how your needs may best be served. Questions? Feel free to contact us any time.

We are PhyQ!

A Synergized Approach
to Your Well-Being

Physiology (noun)

The study of the body's normal functions, guiding informed lifestyle choices for optimal physical and mental health

“I have always been inspired by the idea of leaving a positive mark on the world."

In a world saturated by quick fixes and fad diets galore; I have always maintained the perspective that there is a big need for educated nutrition and wellness professionals.

I became a Registered Dietitian and Masters Graduated with my M.S. in Nutrition and Physical Performance so THAT is how I could leave my mark. What I didn’t know was that personal experience was going to teach me more than my education ever could. I had a successful career as a bodybuilding athlete, contracted a parasite and then experienced my own gut health journey. learned more than I could ever imagine about environmental toxins including the power of nutrition in detoxing. I learned adjunct therapies for fertility, became naturally pregnant with twins and now use nutrition to support my breastfeeding journey. That experience, coupled with my clinical knowledge and passion for helping others, is what I believe what sets my work apart from the crowd.

Most recently, my 12 years of nutrition coaching and personal training experience have aligned with the functional medicine community. I have dedicated time and effort into understanding the interconnectedness of the body. Since taking this path, my clients have seen success that I was never able to “unlock” before.

My approach is the same, but my understanding runs deeper. If there is anything my education and experience has taught me, it’s that no two bodies and no two fitness journeys are alike. Being a coach has taught me the most important indicator of success - buy-in from your practitioner!

I will go that extra mile all while being qualified to follow the latest research and try novel things. We WILL reach your goals, together.

I have been fascinated with all things fitness since I was 13 years old. As soon as I learned that I could change not only how I looked but also how I felt through movement and exercise, I was hooked. 

Ever since then, I have become increasingly interested in all different forms of movement. I became a certified Personal Trainer in 2018, earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from UW Madison in 2020, and have also obtained a Corrective Exercise Specialist certification, TRX certification, and had thousands of hours of trial and error with myself, and with clients. 

I love taking a unique approach to training, sometimes stepping away from what may seem like “standard” training practices and movements to get as specific as possible for every goal. I like to focus training my clients not just to look good, but to feel good, move well, and stay healthy in both the short and long term. 

Overall, my philosophy is that movement is a tool that can be used to significantly increase their quality of life, sense of accomplishment, and physical and mental health. 

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