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Hailey Schim (Wegner) PhyQ Owner & Registered Dietitian
Conquering Physiology

Nutrition, Wellness, & Physical Performance Coaching

At PhyQ we hold a fundamental belief: conquering your physiology is important for everyone, no matter the wellness journey… and all wellness journeys hinge on a comprehensive approach.

Whether it’s to repair your gut, for athletic performance, a successful weight loss journey, pregnancy/postpartum, or just feeling your best; true wellness means optimizing every aspect of health. PhyQ is here to take away the overwhelm, invest in you as the individual that you are, and expertly guide you in conquering any physiological barriers that stand in our way… together!

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Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Packages Our most popular services packaged together

Vitality Lite

  • Nutrition coaching with Hailey
  • 1 Monthly pre-written workout
  • Member only discounts
  • Labwork and interpretation via email
$355 /Monthly

Vitality Essentials

  • Nutrition coaching with Hailey
  • Workout coaching with Sam
  • Personalized programs
  • Member only discounts
  • Labwork and interpretation via email
$395 /Monthly

Complete Vitality

  • Nutrition coaching with Hailey
  • Workout coaching with Sam
  • Mobility coaching with Sam
  • Health screening via bloodwork
  • Unlimited access to zoom sessions
  • Member only discounts
  • Labwork and interpretation via email and Zoom call
$490 /Monthly
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We Dig Deeper to Master Your Physiology

At PhyQ, we use evidence based practices in nutrition coaching, exercise prescription, and lifestyle modification. We are more than the next "nutrition coach" or "trainer" and believe you deserve better than a one-size-fits-all diet, the next exercise fad, or a generic band aid cure for your health and wellness woes. This means our expectations are HIGHER than to "look good" or even "feel good".

Our practitioners evaluate your:

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  • hormonal health icon
  • blood markers icon
  • sleep icon
  • recovery icon
  • mobility icon
  • stress management icon
  • And More

We dig deeper so that when we set goals, we finish feeling the best you have ever felt and with confidence to carry it through your lifetime. Our science-backed methodologies help us gain a clear window into the nutritional, hormonal, lifestyle, and genetic factors impacting your health. Our personalized approach to coaching helps place emphasis in the right areas to address the root physiological influences to YOUR well being.

Read more about our practitioners, their specialties, or our available packages to get started!

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